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– Est. 2001 –

At SUSINA PLANTATION WINERY we grow many varieties of grapes then produce & bottle five distinct wines all right here on the original plantation grounds.

Our focus is on the muscadine and scuppernong grape (vitis rotundifolia). These truly American grapes love to grow in South Georgia and require no insecticides or fungicides to flourish, and only newly planted vines even require irrigation. Our multiple varieties of muscadine and scuppernong are blended to produce wines from dry & bold to light & sweet.

We maximize the grapes expression by using centuries-old small-batch techniques to produce wines. The sugar and acid level of the grapes are carefully measured before hand picking. They are crushed the same day to insure the freshest and highest quality fruit. Cultivated yeasts were selected through 10 years of testing to create wines true to the flavor of vitis rotunifolia, and a true Southern tradition.

Explore the website, learn a little more about the historic Susina Plantation, our muscadine wine process, and where you can enjoy a glass yourself.

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Muscadine & Scuppernong blends for any taste




Rich in grapes. Rich in History.



Susina Plantation Winery

Our three-acre vineyard was planted in the winter of 2001/2002, originally with three varieties of red muscadine and three varieties of bronze scuppernong. Over time, we expanded the number of varieties as we evolved improved wines. We currently grow ten varieties and continue to explore the varieties that grow naturally here and make excellent wines.

The vineyard is heavily pruned during winter dormancy and lightly pruned during the growing season. The vines love our hot weather and abundant rain. The grapes grow on new canes that grow as much as an inch a day. The vines store sugar they produce from water drawn from the Gulf and our abundant sunshine.

New leaf buds appear in late March. Within three weeks, tiny blossoms begin appearing throughout the vineyard. By mid June, tiny grapes begin appearing, and by early July, the earliest varieties are full size. The vines transfer the sugar to the grapes whose acid content begins to fall.

We begin picking fresh-market scuppernong in late July. We pick for wine from August through October, depending on the variety. All our grapes are hand picked for the best selection of fruit, while larger wineries literally shake the grapes from the vines by large harvesters. To taste our wines is to pick a scuppernong and pop it in your mouth. Oh, Susina!


Circa 1841. Historic & Beautiful.




We look forward to SHARING OUR STORY with you and SHOWING YOU FLAVORS you never thought possible with muscadine wines before.

You can keep up to date with our progress, and learn more about the Susina vineyards and the process we use to create our wines here on our website or by following us on Facebook & Instagram (@susinawinery).
Our goal is to make sure that next time you uncork a bottle of Susina Plantation Wine, you’ll know a little (or a whole lot!) about where it is from and its path from our vineyards to your table.

Randy Rhea