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Susina’s History

Susina Plantation has a rich and lengthy history. Dating back to before the Civil War, the plantation has been an institution for the better part of two centuries, and we love sharing its history and secrets alongside our new vision of premium muscadine wines. Learn a little about the land that Susina Winery has been built upon.

Cedar Grove Plantation

James Joseph & Harriet Blackshear built the big house in 1841 and established Cedar Grove Plantation.
Today, the plantation is owned by Randall & Marilynn Rhea under it’s previous name Susina Plantation.

Susina Plantation is Born

Dr. John Metcalfe acquired Cedar Grove in 1887, renaming it to Susina Plantation.
Dr. Metcalfe’s wife was named Susan, and Susina is Italian for plum, which grew wild on the plantation.

Susina Changes Owners Again

In 1891, A. Heywood Mason of Philadelphia acquired Susina & made numerous improvements.
The Mason families were sensitive stewards of Susina for 90 years.

The Bed & Breakfast Period

The Masons sold the big house and 115 acres to Robert & Ann Marie Walker in 1980.
They added a four bedroom cottage and swimming pool north of the big house where their family lived, using the big house as a bed & breakfast as well as the occasional mystery dinner party.

Hard Times Fall Upon Susina

Robert Walker moved back to California & his two boys eventually moved off to college.
This left Anne Marie solely responsible for the plantation, and maintenance withdrew even closer to the big house causing much of the plantation to grow into disarray.

The Rhea’s Begin to Rebuild

Randall & Marilynn Rhea of Atlanta acquired Susina in 2000 for use as their private residence.
Much of the land and even the big house was in disrepair & they began the process of restoration.

Reclaiming Susina back from Nature

The 20 years of no maintenance and free reign of sunlight, rain, and nature had an amazing effect.
For 9 months heavy equipment was used to clear the grounds, pastures, timber and ponds to bring Susina back to it’s original beauty and remains that way today.

Susina’s Story Doesn’t End Here

The history of Susina Plantation is very rich and we would love to share it with you.
If you would like to learn more or see photos of the renovation process at Susina visit: