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Susina Plantation Vineyard

Muscadines & Scuppernongs absolutely thrive in the climate found here in South Georgia.
They are some of the only grape varieties that can survive the heat and humidity of our summers and enjoy our milder winters.

The Vineyard Begins

The vineyard here at Susina Plantation was planted in the winter of 2001.
One of the many fields cleared of brush and overgrown trees from the original plantation was used to begin our vineyard. 


The Perfect Blend of Reds

Our signature wine, Big Red, is a perfect blend of our different varieties of red muscadines.
Red muscadines including: Ison, Supreme, & Black Beauty are used for our bold red wines – Big Red & Blackberry. 


Whites Straight off the Vine

Our goal is a sweet scuppernong wine that tastes like picking a grape off the vine and popping it in your mouth.
Our bronze (white) scuppernongs- Fry, Granny Val, & Pam- are used in our crisp and sweet whites: Oh, Susina!, Plantation White, & Crisp.


Scrumptiously Southern

The Susina Plantation Vineyard produces several tons of muscadine and scuppernong grapes each year.
Hand picking them at just the right time ensures we have the absolute best fruit available from each vine for the fermentation process. 


An Ever Changing Selection

We are constantly looking for new varieties to expand our winery selection – but we don’t take just any ol’ grape into our vineyard.
Recently, we have added other species of muscadine & scuppernongs, along with the heritage French-American hybrid grape, the Norton.

Natural Wine – Natural Taste

Over the last decade we’ve experimented with small-batch wines using the absolute minimum processing – just letting nature do its thing.
Producing a great tasting, natural, and homegrown wine is our goal and we would love to take you on that journey with us.
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