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Big Red

This red muscadine blend may just surprise you. Many vintners add sugar to muscadine wine because it hides the foxiness of muscadines. We took a different approach. By carefully blending different varieties of red muscadines and a small amount of vinifera wine, we have created a red wine that won’t sit on the table very long! Ready to be pleasantly surprised by a muscadine wine? Give Plantation Red a try.

Pairs with: Cheese, crackers, game, beef, pork

Dry, medium-bodied, moderate oak
Red Muscadine Blend (Noble & Ison Varietals)
Serve at room temperature

Residual Sugar: less than 0.1g/L (very dry)
Specific Gravity: 0.995
pH: 3.12 (tart)
Alc: 13%/vol